Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is oneself But this too is necessary if we are to quell the violence that rages throughout the modern world.


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I grew up in Washington, D.C. In 1961, the day after my high school graduation, we moved from D.C. to Minnesota with the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club. My dad, Ossie Bluege, a former All-Star 3rd baseman for the Washington Senators, was the guy who, in his later years as the Chief Financial Officer of the Washington Senators, brokered the deal to move the team to Minnesota to become the Minnesota Twins.


Immerse yourself in tales that awaken the imagination and nurture the soul. Our whimsical storybooks unlock enchanted worlds where even the smallest can become heroes, kindness triumphs, and magic weaves through the adventures. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, prepare to be swept away by these uplifting journeys full of hope, courage, and delight!

The Children Bough The Golden Bough, a Fairytale Ballet for Children

A little girl, driven by curiosity and pity, releases a magical golden bird from a golden cage where she was imprisoned. In the middle of a snow storm and again when the monsters attack, the girl revives the golden bird.

The Companion Guide To

This companion guide to the ballet is a lay person’s guide to the psychological underpinnings of the full-length ballet created by the author in 1996. It is an account of the author’s spiritual peregrination.

Children Books

Once upon a time, there were incredible tales just waiting to spark the imagination …

The Balletic Centipede

A simple song about doing the best you can and achieving success against all odds.

Frog On A Log In A Bog

A tongue-twister song about frogs. Set to music by Rossini (the Overture to William Tell) for a rollicking good romp through the swamp.

There's A Rabbit On The Roof!

Backlit by the early morning sun, the silhouette of a creature with long ears appeared on the roof


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I have had several psychological articles published by the Minnesota Jung Association, and have written numerous unpublished short essays and true-life stories, including:

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The Children Bough